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How / Where do I send a money order?

  • Make Payable to The Ring Lord
  • We can accept all money orders BUT from outside of Canada the MUST be an INTERNATIONAL Money order.
  • Please make sure the money order doesn't have the following note on it: "Negotiable only in the US and possessions"
  • All of this type of money order will be returned. This will delay your order by about 3 weeks.
  • A money orders from the US will take 2 weeks to get here.
Mail to the address below. Use appropriate postage for mail to Canada.
Please include your order number and phone number or email address in case of a problem.

Address is
290C RR9
Some customer have reported mailling problems if the exact format above is not used on the letter (including all caps).

Please DO NOT use this address for returns! It will result in extra fees and delays.

Customers outside North America: A money order seems to mean something else in Europe. What we are describing here is a paper like a check - but not. A North America money order is not an electronic bank transfer. We cannot accept electronic bank transfers as payment unless you are a large volume wholesale customer - in which case please contact us for details.

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