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Dragon Kits

Dragon Sculpture Projects Dragon Sculpture Kits
We have pre-selected a few color options for these projects below.
If you wish to add more variety in your dragons you can easily add extra rings or scales to your cart. We recommend anodized aluminum or bright aluminum.
These dragons are very versatile and you can use almost any weave you like to make them. The ones in our kits are made based on the instructions sold on this page. Both the small and large dragons use 16g 5/16", 16g 1/4", 18g 3/16", small scales and glass donut beads. The large dragon also uses large scales. The small dragon also uses 18g 5/32" rings.
You can adjust the length of the dragon by extending the tail - this can turn the 24" large dragon into a belt.

There are way too many combinations to choose from - I recommend getting a base kit and buying extra rings in the sizes listed for playing with different colors! Or get 2 kits and combine them.

The instructions are sold separately and are linked to below.
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