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Scales -Large and Medium

scales Scales
This vest, and many other projects, can be made using our leaf shaped scales connected by rings.
You can see many ideas in our Inspiration Gallery.
Making the vest is an advanced project, but don't let that scare you off. Just imagine the satisfaction after the work is done!
These scales do not have to be connected as shown for the vest. They can be placed in more open weaves and used however you wish.
For example: pauldrons (shoulder armor), jewelry, dance belts, halters,curtain fringes, candle holders and flowers...
  • MS scalesThe large and small scales have the exact same shape. Dimensions listed in the products below.
  • To determine how many scales you would need, try our Scale Shirt Calculator.
  • Each scale needs 2 rings for the overlapping vest style weave
  • A simple set of instructions created by Khelgar can be found here
  • A detailed set on how to make a vest was created by Danny Ace and can be downloaded in PDF format here
  • Inlay Sheets: Gunter, from our Forum, created these inlay sheets.
    Large Scales Inlay Paper
    Small Scales Inlay Paper
Add some laser etched scales to your work - sold here.

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