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Who is the Ring Lord?

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This page gives a lot of details about our company - Our hope is this will make you more comfortable in dealing with us. We are real live humans running an actual business :)

Company Legal Name: The Ring Lord Corporation

Locations: We have 3 locations - 2 in Toronto and 1 in Saskatoon.
Our Saskatoon location is 7km east of city limits in Saskatoon, Sk in Canada Click here for a Map and Directions

Saskatchewan (Provincial) Business License: 913187

Provincial Sales Tax #: 1817592

Federal Tax #: 860585611RT0001

Click here for our full contact info page.

Toll Free Phone: 1-855-RINGLORD (1-855-746-4567)

Fax: 1-877-297-8199

Our History

Back in 1995, Jon Daniels found a webpage that was selling mild steel rings for making chainmail at $0.03 per ring. He thought that was a little high and he emailed the company offering to supply them with rings at $0.01 each. They accepted and he started manufacturing 1 type of ring. Jon next formed a relationship with a respected website called "The Chain Mail Connection" (it has since closed up shop) and he began to sell rings through them. Over the years our selection has greatly improved and the business has expanded. is now about a 17 person (it varies), 20 + machine company with access to dozens of maillers for finished projects. Our Saskatoon factory is 7000 + square feet our Toronto locations total 14,000 square feet.
We make the majority of the products we sell. This allows us to offer great prices and custom service!

Click here for a Gallery images from of our Saskatoon Factory

Click here to Read about our Environmental Initiatives

Here's a timeline of what we've been up to as a company.

This project list is by no means comprehensive! This is just a cursory overview.
Click this link to go to our Forum Post about Commercial, Industrial and Film Projects!

1987 - Jon learns how to make chainmail.

1996 - Jon started manufacturing 1 type of ring for Medieval Menagerie (They are no longer in business)

1996 - Jon sells rings at Chain Mail Connection, variety increases.

1997/1998 - Both Jon and Bernice - the founders of - graduate from university with Engineering degrees.

1998 - Jon starts a webpage selling rings while continuing to sell through Chain Mail connection

2000 (July) - is born. A professional webpage is developed.

2001 (Jan) - 1 million rings are sold in January 2001.

2001 (Mar) - With 9 employees and increasing orders orders an industrial ring making machine.

2001 (July) - The ring machine (Tor) is operational and the first machine cut rings are sold

2001 (August) - The Ring Lord - wholesale division is opened

2001 (Sept) - 5 million rings are sold this month!!

2001 (October) - The Ring Lord moves into a new, much larger facility on a 30 acre property.

2002 (Feb) - a 2nd ring machine arrives (Mithril), Tor is tooled to cut 12g wire

2002 (Jul) - a 1300 sq ft building is constructed to house The Ring Lord's expansion.

2003 (March) - we hit the local news. Read the article here.

2003 (April) - The Ring Lord employs over 10 maillers to create 4 huge banners for The Tower of London in London, England.

2003 (April) - a 3rd ring machine (Sam) begins operation, 3rd full time employee and a part time employee are hired for the night shift.

2003 (October) - a shopping cart is launched and 1300 more sq ft of wire storage is built.

2004 (March) - a full time shipper is hired to improve shipping speed and customer service.

2004 (May) - a 4th Ring machine is purchased

2004 (Sept) - an additional 2600 sq ft facility is built, another manufacturing employee hired and a punch is ordered for making scales and punched rings.

2004 (Nov) - an industrial welded mesh making machine arrives. The machine makes 22 ga 5/32" ID welded fabric

2005 (May) - Scale manufacturing is brought in house!

2005 (July) - a 5th person is added to the manufacturing staff to keep up with production demand

2005 (September) - a second industrial welded mesh making machine arrives. The machine makes 24 g 3/32" ID welded fabric

2005 (Nov) - a second shipper is hired to keep up with packaging demand

2006 (Oct) - a second and larger lathe is purchased to improve tool manufacturing both for in house and for sale.

2006 (Nov) - 1300 sq feet of space is converted from wire storage to manufacturing area; 800 sq ft is added for wire storage

2007 (Apr) - another full time staff member is added in the manufacturing area.

2007 (May) - a third industrial welded mesh making machine arrives. The machine makes 22 g 5/32" ID welded fabric and we call him Biff.

2007 (Sept) - a 4th and 5th industrial welded mesh making machines arrive. One makes 24 g 3/32" ID and one makes 22 g 5/32" ID welded fabric

2007 (Sept) - 2 welded mesh seeming machines are purchased for the welded machine made fabric

2008 (Aug) - Nuvo Magazine writes an article on TheRingLord and the welded chainmail product line. Article is here.

2008 (Sept) - 500 sq ft addition is added to the factory for office, lunch room and storage

2009 (March) - CAM a CNC ring machine is added to our ring making machines

2009 (April) - an automatic weigh and bagging system arrives in house - we now pre-package most rings to make our shipping process faster

2009 (September) - M2 a CNC ring machine for tiny rings is added to our ring making machines

2010 - this year was spent doing efficiency improvements and training managerial staff. Our 10th year as TheRingLord went by so fast we forgot to celebrate!

2010 - a new an improved saw cutting rig and system is developed in house allowing for improvements to make rings shinier and cleaner!

2011 (May) - another CNC ring machine is purchased.

2011 - is born! 3 former employees purchase our finished chainmail fabric product line and create a company with us. We co-own MailleTec - we created a fabulous alliance with them whereby we can focus on our core ring and scale products - and they can focus on the finished fabric!

2011 (Oct) - The Western Producer writes an article on TheRingLord. Article is here.

2012 (Sept) - Bernice developed a new way to pick orders that makes it difficult to make an error. It involves an android app, voice codes for the products and bluetooth barcode scanners. Click here for Details on our Android Order Picking app and process

2013 - another punch in commissioned, around 2000 new products are added to our offering including lots more jewelry supplies and many more sizes of saw cut anodized aluminum.

2013 (Dec) - We finally (!!!) get to announce that TheRingLord scales are in The Hobbit!

2013 - We did HUGE amounts of work for the Warcraft movie! We made ~80 shirts and many suits of horse armor in a short 2 month period. We employed many local maillers in the task!

2014 (May) - TRLIS is launched. Bernice developed the TRL Inventory system which uses the our order picking app and integrates it further to allow inventory movement. TRLIS is used in every product move and update to keep our database accurate - from bin fills to putting the product into the manufacturing system. Click here for Details on our Android TRLIS app and process.

2014 (Aug) - TRL welcomes Grant Philp as a new Co-owner of He joins the founders Jon and Bernice Daniels as the owners. Click here to see our announcement!

2014 (Aug) - We move most of our operations to Toronto! All our punch products, lasered products and machine cut rings (among other items) are still made in Saskatoon. Most of our staff, saw cut rings and anodizing move to Toronto. The move went very smoothly and we only had 7 days of downtime! We moved 150,000lbs of machines and product in 3 semi-trailer loads.

2014 (Aug) - We announce new cheaper shipping options - including USPS!

2014 (Dec) - The final Hobbit movie is released and our scales get some screen time!

2014 (Dec) - We made shirts for Night at the Museum 3. Stainless 16g 5/16" worn by Lancelot (Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame)

2015 (Feb) - Our scales are in Seventh Son!

2015 (April-May) - We made a 1.13 million ring curtain project in a record 8 weeks!

2015 (May) - We performed a major website update with lots of new cool features - like persistent cart and mobile friendly design!

2015 (Aug) - We were featured in ShopFloor lasers magazine

2015-2016 - With the factory move just finished, new staff trained and operations running smoothly we doubled our product offering! We went from ~3500 products when we moved in 2014 to ~ 7500 by the end of 2016. New products and entire product lines were developed and launched!

  • many detailed weave info pages to help beginners and experts as well as kits for these weaves
  • a huge expansion of our laser etched lines - including custom etching, business cards and hundreds of new standard etched products
  • 3 new scale sizes + numerous new materials and techniques ! We launched both the medium, XL and tiny scale product lines! We added shiny anodized aluminum scales using 3 new techniques - thin, standard size bright anodized as punched and bright anodized with edges anodized. We also added Glow-In-The-Dark large scales!
  • 4 new custom designed for maillers pliers are developed! Including TheRingLord Brand Armorer's plier - Specially designed for and available exclusively from us
  • We have added a HUGE amount to our anodized aluminum product offering - this was part of the reason for the move since we now have staff inside the actual anodizing plant. Additions include many new custom and standard colors like lime and dark rose, titanium and turquoise. We also added ~10 new sizes of standard AA rings like 16g 7/32'', twisted 16g 5/16'', 18g 9/32'', all our 19g anodized rings and 14g 3/'' roped rings
  • We added hundred of new jewelry findings, elements, beads, metal spikes etc
  • We developed and manufactured a custom, only available from us and made by us, anodized aluminum magnetic clasp - these exactly match our rings!
  • We start selling pendants!
  • We added several new punched tag shapes and sizes including 4 hole 1'' tags, heart shaped tags and guitar pics
  • We added 2 new colors of EPDM rubber rings - Light Blue and Brown as well as a new size of Glow-In-The-Dark!
  • We converted ~12+ previously custom rings sizes to standard.

2015 (Dec) - The final Hobbit movie is released and our scales get some screen time!

2016 (March) - The United States raises their de minimum - We can now ship orders of up to $800 with USPS!!!! ...! (limit before was $200)

2016 (May) - The Huntsman- Winter's War. movie is released and uses our rings.

2016 (June) - TheRingLord is the 1st company to be a member of the Sask. Environmental Society Solar Co-op.

2016 (July) - Warcraft Movie is released! As we've mentioned, in the fall of 2013 we did a huge amount of work for this movie - including weaving ~1 million rings, creating custom profiled rings, custom casting and a new scale size.

2016 (Nov) - TheRingLord has maille in another Legendary Film - The Great Wall ! Yup Matt Damon is wearing our chainmail!

The Ring Lord is:

Jon Daniels

Jonathan Daniels, CEO and co-founder

Marketing, Buyer, R & D, Manufacturing

Education: Engineering Physics Degree(distinction) - 1998 - University of Saskatchewan

Bernice Daniels

Name: Bernice Daniels, CTO, CFO and co-founder

Web Designer and Programmer, Accounting, Efficiencies pusher - aka borg.

Education: Mechanical Engineering Degree - 1997 - University of Saskatchewan

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada - 2000 to 2002

Grant Philp, COO

All manufacturing and staff in Toronto

Education: University Of Regina BA - 1987

McGill University Bcom - 2002

Name: Hoa Lu - Quality Control and Inventory Movement

Name: Doug Daniels and Darren Wood

Machine and building maintenance, manufacturing (machine operation, tool manufacturing)

Name: Jodey Hathaway

Customer Service

email addresses: orders @

We typically have about 17 manufacturing and shipping staff total.

Name: MII (CNC Ring Machine)

Roles: Machine Made Ring Manufacturing

Tooled to work with the following wire gauges: 19, 20, 21, 22, 24

Names: Tor (Ring Machine)

Machine Made Ring Manufacturing

Tooled to work with the following wire gauges: 12, 14, 16, 18

Names: CAM and CAMII (CNC Ring Machines)

Roles: Machine Made Ring Manufacturing and coil making for saw cutting

Tooled to work with the following wire gauges: 12, 14, 16, 18

Names: Lasers

Roles: Co2 laser and Fiber laser capable of etching and cutting wood metal, stone and leather.

Names: Baggers

Roles: Bags all of our pre-bagged products by weight with very fine accuracy.

Names: Perky, Bliss and B2 (Punches)

Roles: these make all of our punched products like scales and tags.

Unnamed equipment: We have too much to list. We have a fully equipped machine shop and and entire shipping container of auction bought toys like vibratory sorters.

2 lathes; anodizers; various saw cutting setups; wire drawing equipment,heat treating oven etc.

We also contract several maillers that make the finished projects.

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