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About Knipex Tools

KnipexKnipex Cutters - the best hand cutters in the world
We've been using Knipex cutters since 1996. We've used a lot of brands of cutters and Knipex are, without a doubt, the best we've ever used - and it is not even close. Most of our experience is with the Knipex Cobolt cutter but we've been using a full range of Knipex cutter tools since early 2000. We're not telling you how great these tools are so that we can sell them to you; we are selling them to you because we have found how great they are.

Why use Knipex Cutters
  • Get a better cut. We find rings cut with a Knipex Cobolt cutter close better than rings cut with a cheap cutter.
  • Knipex cutters last longer - expect a million rings from your knipex.
  • Knipex cutters are designed to cut hard wire look at the product info for another cutter and find a rating for the thickness of piano wire that they are rated to cut. You generally will not find it. All Knipex cutter descriptions tell you the wire thickness they are rated for.
  • Knipex cutters require less force to cut reducing the chance of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Since less force is needed you can cut faster and for a longer time.
  • The plastic handle covers never come off.

General Information about Knipex
  • Knipex is a German company that manufactures nothing but pliers and hand cutters.
  • Knipex has been manufacturing pliers and cutters since 1882.
  • See the Knipex Webpage at:

  • All tools have a lifetime warranty against defects.
  • If they break under normal use they will be replaced.
  • If they show signs of abuse they will not be replaced.
  • If the cutting surface chips, you should grind them back slowly until you get a new cutting surface.
  • Abuse includes:
    • grinding in a manner that has affected the temper of the metal.
    • grinding in a manner that affects the structure integrity.
    • using some method of extending the length of the handles.

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