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Oriental 6 in 1 Shirt Calculator

Oriental 6 in 1 Oriental 6 in 1 is typically made from 2 sizes of rings - a larger ring (the ones we see laying flat) and a small ring (the ones standing on edge). The maille will be as thick as the outside diameter of the smaller rings and 3x as many small rings are required than large rings.

Here are some recommended combinations and some sample data
Large RingSmall ringLarge / Sq FtSmall / Sq Ft
7/16" (0.4375")1/4" (0.25")5561667
3/8" (0.375")1/4" (0.25")6171852
5/16" (0.3125")1/4" (0.25")6952084
3/8" (0.375")3/16" (0.1875")6742020
5/16" (0.3125")3/16" (0.1875")7662300
1/4" (0.25")1/8" (0.125"10103030
Measuring Diagram Take the following measurements - all measurement should be loose but not too loose.
Take the measurements over what you will be wearing under the final piece.
Also note chainmaille doesn't stretch and if made slightly too large will just hang a little longer.
H=circumference of head
L=Length of shirt from shoulder to whereever you want.
A=length of sleeves (if any)
Instructions: Fill out all fields. Measurements are INCHES. Click Solve
Rings per Lb - Large *
Rings per Lb - Small *
Inside Diameter of Large rings (decimal inches)
Inside Diameter of Small rings (decimal inches)
Length (inches)
Chest (inches)
Waist (inches)
Head (inches)
Bicep (inches)
Arm Length

Square feet of mail
Number of Large Rings
Lbs of Large Rings
Number of Small Rings
Lbs of Small Rings
*Rings per LB info is available in rings area of our site - in the individual ring listing. For rings sold by the bag the weight per bag and count in a bag is listed. If the rings per bag = 300 and the weight per bag = 0.5 lbs. The Rings Per LB = 300/0.5 = 600
For help findings Rings per sq ft or LB click here

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