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TheRingLord Vision & Goals & Targets

Our Vision:
Art and craft are an important part of a lot of people’s lives - of my life - of our customers’ lives. It helps create balance in our lives. It helps with our mental and emotional health. The feeling of creation - the pride of making - ownership of skill. This is what we sell. In house, we can get bogged down in machines and shipping and product specs and inventory and profits - but what we actually make is this feeling of creation, pride, balance and ownership of your skill.

Our Goals:
  • Help build, participate in, maintain, inspire and encourage community for chainmail.
  • Inspire, encourage and lead the ART of chainmail.
  • Inspire, encourage and lead the craft of chainmail.
  • Facilitate creation.
  • Facilitate skill development.
  • Create and sell quality products at inexpensive prices to allow our customers more items with which to play and create.

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