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Will duty or customs charges apply?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) assures that no duty will be charged on items shipped between Canada, the US and Mexico that are made in those countries.

Shipments going outside North America are subject to import fees that change depending on the country and shipping service. Duty and taxes will apply and the amount varies based on country. If you are concerned this may apply to your order please ask a local official for information regarding the fee amount and the claimed value above which it occurs.

Shipping Documentation - values noted are product total only and do not include shipping.
In no cases will we claim your order is a gift unless it is, nor will we lie about the value to customs for you. This type of action can get us red flagged, fined and banned from exporting/importing. We will not risk our business by doing this.
  • Canada: nothing extra is required by us or you. The parcel ships to your address as given.
  • US: Orders between $300 - $800 shipping using USPS. We are required to put your invoice on the outside of the box. We will fold it to protect your private information but it may be looked at and re-folded by customs officials. This only applies to USPS not UPS. Nothing special is required by you.
  • US: Orders over $800 of product alone require formal entry documentation that we prepare. These orders ship normally each day by UPS as we do with all other orders. You will receive a bill in the mail from UPS for brokerage, duty and tax. The amount varies based on the value and items in your order but starts at $35. This bill is your responsibility and only ever applies when the product total $800 or more and you choose UPS shipping. We recommend comparing this service to the USPS Priority options and perhaps splitting your order - choose the best one for your situation. USPS is not offered for orders with over $800 of product.
  • International: almost all international shipments will show the value of the items shipping on the shipping label. In some cases like UPS this information is hidden and appears in barcoded format.

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