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We are pleased to offer discounts on virtually all products on our site.
Our business philosophy is to offer you the most variety at the best price. We make 90%+ of the items on our site and this allows us to pass along great savings to you!
Even better - most items on our site are now Mix and Match for discounts. This means you can combine most items on our site to get a better deal! Our mix and match discounts allow you to get more variety and pay less.
All discounts automatically calculate as you add items into your shopping cart. You will see the savings when you view your cart. Just look at the top banner for a comment on how much you are saving!
Mix and Match Discounts: Most products on our site (including all rings) can be grouped to get better pricing. The discounts work as a percentage off your subtotal of these items. You can mix and match any items that are listed as Mix and Match.
    The discounts are as follows:
    Qualifying Subtotal of
    $100US+ save 10%
    $250US+ save 15%
    $500US+ save 20%

You can see the discounts and confirm an item is Mix and Match when you click the Show Discounts in the product description. An area will expand to show you the discounted pricing.
Volume Discounts: Items that don't have mix and match discounts are set up to offer a savings if you buy a larger volume of that one item. Examples are some wire, jewelry findings and fabric. Some wire and most jewelry findings are Mix and Match discounted.
Click the Show Discounts in the product description to see if the item is volume or mix and match discounted.
The difference is that you must buy over the certain volume amount to get the discounted rate. These items are not combined with any other items for discounts.
Customer Rewards Program: Orders you place with us will collect points. These points are worth money on our site.
Here's how it works:
  • Buying items on our site will give you points. Only products give you points - not shipping.
  • You must collect 1000 points before you can cash them in.
  • Points are related to the value of the item you bought BUT it is not a 1-1 ratio. Please do not expect 1 point for every dollar spent.
  • Some items do not collect points - these are mostly items we do not make like clasps.
  • Any order paid in full or in part by a gift certificate doesn't collect points. This includes orders paid for by gift certificates that are issued for a return and certificate issued when you cash in your points.
  • You can check how many points each product is worth by clicking the orange arrow
  • After accumulating 1000+ points you are elligible to get a gift certificate for 5% back. This is $50 back for every 1000 points.
  • The points do not expire. You can collect them for years and still get your $50 gift certificate.
  • If your orders are always over the $500 Mix and Match level you will in essence get wholesale pricing retroactively for your orders!
  • A gift certificate for points can not be refunded or cashed in manually - it only has value as a credit on our website.
  • This is a simple maintenance free way for you to get the lowest price possible.
Wholesale: We do offer wholesale pricing as a separate program. Our "Wholesale Club" has been replaced by the above Customer Rewards Program. Our wholesale program is now more restricted. This change was made to offer the best prices to more people while keeping the maintenance of the program simple. Please see this link for details if you feel you might qualify for wholesale.

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