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Downloadable Catalog

The Ring Lord is pleased to share all our product data with you in spreadsheet format.

  • If you prefer to shop offline, or you need data to be able crunch some numbers, please download one of these handy data files. Feel free to use this as a printable catalog !
  • We will update these files periodically and post the date of the file. We will not update them every time we make a product change. All data is subject to change without notice.
  • The files show all prices including wholesale. They also show exact ring IDs, AR and rings per square foot.
  • The wholesale price for items with discount levels is the same as the retail price. This means that in order to get better pricing you have to buy over the price break amount.
  • If you have Microsoft Excel, use TheRingLordProducts.xls in the zip file.
  • If you have a different program the comma delimited file should be compatable as imported data. This file is TheRingLordProducts.csv. You may find that importing this file will cause some data problems due to misplaced commas.
Happy Number Crunching !
TheRingLordProducts zip file - Excel and Comma Delimited Version October 2018

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