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Your information is safe with us

Your information is safe with us
Here are a few details about our site security and how we manage your private information.

  • We take every measure to ensure your information is safe. We will never comprimise, sell or give out any of your information. We're offended by practices like this too!
  • We can't see your credit card number and we don't store it. Our database stores NO card info - not even the last 4 digits. Our payment gateway provider won't even show us your card number after we've charged it.
  • We only transmit your card when charging it - and we do this on a secured SSL 2048 bit encrypted connection.
  • We are PCI DSS compliant. This means we handle your credit card number securely at all times. We are tested every 4 months to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in our set up.
  • The authenticity of our business has been independently verified by a 3rd party. This is part of the PCI compliance.
  • Our SSL comes with a website warranty of up to $250,000. This means that you are insured for up to $250,000 when relying on the information provided by our security certificate. You can verify this by clicking on the red Comodo image on the bottom right side of any page.
  • Our site is setup such that you browse in a normal web environment. When you go to checkout you will be transferred to the secure area. Since secure sites can be slower at loading, this ensures you can shop fast and check out safely.
  • Your computer needs to communicate with our server. To place an order you will need to have your computer browser set to accept cookies from our site. This does not mean that we are tracking your movements or spying on you. This only means that for our shopping cart system to know what you would like to add to your cart it needs to store info temporarily on your computer. If your browser is not set to accept this information your cart will always show as empty after adding an item. You can tell if you are set to accept cookies by adding an item to the cart and looking at the contents in orange on the right side bar.

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