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Cart Troubleshooting

Your business is important to us, if you are receiving an error message or having other difficulties completing an online order, please read through the suggestions below. If you still need assistance please contact us
Unsure if your order went through? Sometimes an order will be successfully submitted even if you get an error message on the last step. Please check the list of recent orders in the My Account area on the upper right before attempting to place the order again. PayPal sometimes causes an error when returning you back to our system to review the order.

Empty Shopping Cart. If your Shopping Cart is empty or items are missing from it, there are a few causes.
  • You may not have clicked "Order Selected Products" button at the bottom of the page.
  • There was an error message regarding stock for an item that might now have seen - this would prevent the item from going into your cart.
  • If you restored an old cart and some items are not in your cart - it is likely they are out of stock now and can't be added to a new cart.

Gift certificate code is not accepted. First, be sure that you are entering the code exactly as it appears on your gift certificate email. You must enter the "Gift-" or "Points-" as well as the rest of the code. If the code is correct, then it is likely that your gift certificate has not been noted as paid or that you have tried to use it before and redeemed it accidentally. In either case contact us Make sure to include the code.
If none of these suggestions solves your problem, please contact us. Please include as much information in your message as possible, including:
  • What point in the ordering process is causing you trouble?
  • If you are receiving an error message, what does it say?
  • What items are you trying to order?
  • If possible a screenshot of the error would be a fast way to communicate the issue. Please feel free to email one.
Our Customer Service department will be happy to assist you. If you want to email us the order we will will enter it for you. Include what you want, who you are, where and how you want it shipped. Do Not send credit card information in the contact us page.

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