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Mandrels and Rods

mandrels Mandrels and Rods
mandrel vs rod
  • Mandrels are an 18" rod with a groove cut for wire. Our mandrels are for use with a drill. You put the wire in the groove, wind the coil, then push the coil off the rod - with the groove you don't need to cut the coil off the rod.
  • We buy rod stock that gives the most diverse range of sizes to allow you to make rings precisely the size you like. Your coil will always be slightly larger than your mandrel due to springback.
  • Our size codes are listed in thousanths of an inch. So a 1/8" mandrel is MA-0125.
  • All mandrels have the size permanently stamped into the end that you put into the drill.
  • Kits are cheaper than buying individual mandrels. They are also a great idea because shipping a mandrel and having it arrive straight is tricky. Getting a kit helps since the bundle is much harder to bend in shipping.
  • Using a mandrel in a drill takes dexterity and practice. Please do all possible to be safe! You can wind your fingers and wire can snap. You must take precautions and be careful! This video shows how to use a rod - it doesn't show how to use the groove. The wire in this example was put into the chuck.

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18'' long slotted and stamped
Available in 1/128 increments

Metric Mandrels

Metric Mandrels

18'' long mandrels with slots and stamps in metric sizes.
Available in 0.25mm increments.

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