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Bronze Wire Bronze Wire
Bronze is a copper colored metal that is an alloy of copper and tin. It tarnishes and will turn the color of a bronze sculpture or old penny over time. It has slightly more corrosion resistance than brass. Bronze can be cleaned with any commercially available brass cleaner - like Brasso.
All of our bronze is 1/2 hard temper and is strong enough for quality chainmail. Our alloy of choice is C510 which is a phosphor bronze.

Please read this before you decide to cut your own rings
Cutting rings requires special tools and setups and the costs to cut only a few rings are higher. I highly recommend you read the following 2 FAQ posts before deciding to cut your own rings
How to use a Jumpringer type tool (aka Pepe, Koil Kutter, etc)
Making vs Buying rings - Bottom line is we have a business making rings in large amounts at great prices. The vast majority of the time it doesn't pay to make your own rings - and you will get better cuts buying pre-made.

For extreme details on all materials and comparisons please click to see our materials page!
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