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Commercial Chainmail Projects Commercial Chainmail Projects
All welded chainmail is now made by
3 former employees of purchased our welded fabric product line. They are highly skilled and can assist with any project you might have. Most of the projects made by TheRingLord in the past were made by these 3. If items are out of stock on our site please go direct to and they'll be happy to assist.

The Ring Lord Commercial Projects  
The Ring Lord has been involved in numerous commercial and industrial projects. We have designed and built projects of every size and for a wide variety of industries. We are the only company in the chainmail industry set up to handle large commercial completed projects - from conception to installation.

We have made fabric for uses from napkin rings to industrial safety equipment. We've found most industries have a use for metal fabric. Fashion, decor, safety, film and manufacturing processes are just a few easy examples.

Check out some of the Commercial, Industrial and Film Projects we've been involved with!

Considerations for Chainmail Design Specs
Chainmail should be thought of as a metal fabric.
It is very versatile and its applications are broad.  
It can be light, heavy, dense, opaque, sheer, electrically conductive, shiny, matte, colored, washable etc. Basically it can have any attribute that you require in a metal fabric.
When you add cost as a limiting factor into your design, you will end up with 2 main choices for fabric. Either a coarse hand made fabric or the machine made welded mesh.
Machine Made Welded Fabric
Machine made welded fabric is used for the majority of applications. This fabric is lighter and finer than any hand made fabric we will sell. It is very strong, as all the rings are welded.

Hand Made Fabric
Hand made fabric can be made using any size of ring and material - it can be fine or coarse, heavy or light, colored or metallic. Typically, however handmade fabric is selected when a course or heavy fabric is desired.
The leadtime on hand made fabric is longer than machine made. The cost can be the same, or less than, machine made fabric if the ring used to make the chainmail is approximately 1/2" inner diameter or larger.
When cost is of a lesser concern, or the project is small the chainmail limitation of the size and materials are removed.
Curtain Panels for Industrial Use

Curtain Panels for Architectural Use

Maille for Industrial Processes

Maille for Architectural Designs

Maille for Fashion Assessories

Clothing Made for the Film Industry

Clothing Made for Industrial Use

Fireplace Screen
Welded 22 ga 5/32" stainless steel fabric. Custom made to your dimensions and ready to hang.

24g 3/32'' Welded Stainless Steel Fabric - Custom Shape
Price: US$46.70 /sq ft
Sold by the sq ft
Custom Welded Stainless Fabric Shape
You will either need to email with a description of the shape, send us a link or email a pattern.
Sold by the sq ft

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