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As with most chainmail resources the artist chooses to speak in the language of wire sizes and ring sizes they are familiar most with. This is confusing if your supplier uses a different language. This paper is a translation for the sizes used in Chains By Becky and rings sold by The Ring Lord.


Page 9 shows a gauge chart - the conversion to The Ring Lord Sizes are as follows


AWG Gauge

used by Becky

SWG Gauge

used by The Ring Lord
































For reference in our online catalog, every ring and wire is listed with decimal inches and mm. Please always refer to these numbers when ordering. Also note that some wires vary in exact size from other materials. For example 18g sterling is 0.045” and 18g stainless is 0.048”.


This info should be used as follows. On page 12 Becky indicates Byzantine can be made with 18g wire and a 3.5 mm mandrel. This would be our 19g and a 3.5mm inner diameter. In sterling the listing would look as follows:


Saw Cut Sterling Silver 19ga 5/32''

Jewelry Strength

225 Rings/Ounce
Wire Diameter: 0.039'' (1 mm)
Actual ID: 0.16'' (4.1 mm)
AR: 4.1     Search by AR
Approx. Rings Per Sq Ft: 7954

Code: SXST19532

Saw Cut
Usually Ships in 4-10 Business Days

Price: $ 12.80 /Ounce



The next smallest rings are smaller than the 3.5mm. You don’t want to go one size tighter unless you really know what you’re doing. When making rings you use a mandrel to wrap the wire. The wire then springs back to slightly larger than the mandrel. Since Becky states a mandrel size of 3.5 mm, her rings will actually be slightly larger. The next larger number in our catalog for 19g rings is the one shown here which states 4.1mm ID (inner diameter).


You should also consider aspect ratio when choosing a ring. Aspect ratio is the thickness of the wire compared to the size of the inner diameter of the ring. AR=ID/wire dia. As shown above the 19g 5/32” ring has AR= 0.16”/0.039” = 4.1

When you want to use a difference size of wire you should use this AR number to convert to the appropriate inner diameter for the new wire for that weave. For example if I was using the above ring to make a weave and then wanted to try it in our 18g I would look in the catalog under 18g to find the ring with the AR closest to 4.1 – be careful straying to far from the number some weaves can be finicky. In this case in sterling its 18g 3/16” with and AR of 4.3.


Project Lists and Ring Sizes with The Ring Lord wire and mandrels or rings


***PLEASE NOTE WE JUST CONVERTED THE RING SIZES LISTED BY BECKY WE DID NOT TEST HER NUMBERS. If you would like to use 18g in our wire size use one size larger ring. Feel free to email us for assistance with ring sizes. The AR numbers are also approximate, - they are just the size given by Becky converted. Some weaves will work with a wide AR range and some will not.



(AR from 3.1 to 4.3)

            14g 1/4"

16g 1/4” or 3/16” (one connector)

            18g 3/16” or 5/32” (one connector)

            19g 5/32” or 1/8” (one connector)

            20g 7/64” or 3/32” (one connector)


Queens Link (Box Chain)

(AR 4.1-4.3)

            14g 5/16”

16g 1/4”

            18g 3/16”

            19g 5/32”

            20g 1/8”


Flat Queens Link Chain (Flat Box Chain) (AR 5.2)

            19g 3/16”

            20g 5/32”


Contessa (Byzantine Variant)  

& Serendipity Chain

            Use 20g as suggested where

            5mm = 3/16” , 4mm = 5/32” , 3.5 mm = 9/64” (1/8” will work in harder materials) , 2.5 mm = 3/32”


Lacy-Chain Necklace

            19g 5/32”, 18g 3/16” AR 4.3


Double Lace Chain

            19g 5.25mm is rare try 3/16” but it may be too tight (7/32” is the next largest) AR 5.1

19g 3 mm = 1/8” AR 3.2



            19g 4mm = 5/32” AR 4.3

19g 5mm = 3/16” AR 4.9

            20g oval rings* oval rings can be made by taking two smaller mandrels and wrapping the wire around them both at once.


Foxtail (Persian 6 in 1)

19g 7/32” , 18g 1 /4”  AR 5.9




Half Persian 3 in 1 (Persian 3 in 1)

            19g 5/32”, 18g 3/16” AR 4.3


Paradigm (Corduroy Snake)

            19g 4mm = 5/32” AR 4.3

20g 3/32” (sounds tight!) AR 3


DNA Chain (This is Not Food)

            19g 4mm = 5/32” AR 4.3

20g 3/32” AR 3


Enigma Chain (Gridlock Byzantine)

            19g 4mm =  5/32” AR 4.3

19g 3mm=1/8” AR 3.2


Celtic Visions Variant

            19g 6mm=7/32” AR 5.9

19g 3.5mm=5/32”  AR 4.3

19g 2.5mm= 1/8” AR 3.2


Little Princess (Pheasible)

            19g 3mm= 1/8” AR 3.2


Rosette Link (Double Flower Chain)

            20g 5mm = 3/16” AR 6.4


Double Infinity (Double Cross)

            19g 5mm = 3/16” AR 4.9

19g 20g 3mm=1/8”  AR 3.2

19g 2.5mm=3/32”  AR 3



            19g 5mm=3/16”  AR 4.9

19g 4mm=5/32” AR 4.3

20g 2.75mm=7/64” AR 3.5


Flip Flop (Shaggy Loops)

19g 4mm=5/32” AR 4.3

20g 2.75mm=7/64” AR 3.5



            19g 5mm=3/16”  AR 4.9

19g 4mm=5/32” AR 4.3

19g 2.5mm= 1/8” AR 3.2