Stainless Steel Stag Skull Pendant/Byzantine/Chain Kit

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40% OFF (Limited Time Only) Stag head pendant made from 316stainless steel (JC-SS-STAGSKUL). Pendant is roughly 51mm x 21mm x 15mm.   Includes chain to instantly create a chain pendent necklace approx 3 meters.  Use the extra chain to crete a multi bangled chain (CHAIN-19-BLAC-ICEPLATE).  Use the extra clasp attachement rings to make a cool Byzantine Weave necklace or bracelet (PDF instructions included Free).  Includes 4 clasps JC-LC-SV15-BLAC.  Pliers to close rings not included but available here Ergonomic Linesmans Plier - 120mm long - The Ring Lord .  Also, if you would like to add a second color to your Byzantine Weave necklace/bracelt you can get lots of colors here (SX-AA-18316) Anodized Aluminum 18ga 3/16'' ID - Saw Cut - The Ring Lord .