Preparation Times

  • Please refer to the note "Usually Ships in X Business Days" to determine how much time an item takes to process.
  • Preparation times are not cumulative although a large amount of long lead-time items may cause additional delay - see below. If you have an item in your order listed to take 3-4 days and other items that can be prepared in less time the order should ship in 3-4 business days.
  • Preparation time does not include the time your order will take to reach you once we ship it. Shipping time depends upon the shipping option you choose.
  • Preparation time starts the day after you place your order. If an item says ships in 1-2 business days and you place the order right after we print orders for the day the order may not enter the prep stage for almost 24 hours.
  • Please note that all preparation times are estimates. We receive varying numbers of orders, for varying amounts of varying items. Employees call in sick, machines can break and everyone can want the same thing at once. It is impossible to pin down exactly how long an item will take to be prepared. We are giving our best guess here.
  • Some items need to be made for you! Most items on our site say 1-2 business days. Some items are longer - the reason varies but the list of reasons include: the item needs to be anodized for you, the wire needs to be measured out for you, coils need to be made etc.
  • We will notify you if something is causing a problem with your order that we can't fix within a couple days after the longest prep time. You can help us decide when we need to notify you if you tell us if you have a deadline in the comments area on the address screen during checkout.
  • Since all information is provided up front, we will not be held responsible for missed project deadlines when ordering. If you have a firm deadline please make your decisions carefully and use all information available. You will need to decide what products fit your schedule for prep time, whether you need to use our rush service and what shipping speed would work best. You should always tell us if you have a deadline! You can do this with a simple note in the comments area on the checkout address page.


Rush is a service we offer to shorten the preparation time for your order.

  • Purchasing rush service means you are bumped to the top of the packing pile.
  • Rush was designed for products that take a few days to prepare and people with deadlines. If you rush anything that takes a few days to prepare it should ship 1-2 business days. Rush can make your order ship the next day instead of in a week. It is most useful if you have a deadline or if you order long leadtime items and can't wait.
  • It costs $1 + 8% of the value of the items in your order before discount, to a maximum of $20.
  • You can opt for the Rush Order option on the check out window to activate this option

Large Quantities

Large quantities of non stocked items may take longer than the listed preparation time. The length of the delay depends on the specific item and the quantity. For example if you order 1 full pound of 24g 1/16" stainless rings, it will take longer to prepare than the listed times. Items with stock numbers are not affected by larger amounts unless they run out and need to be made. This is why it is useful to put a deadline note on your order. A rush on large quantities may bump it up in the production schedule. We will speed up the process significantly for rush large quantity items but the item may not be able to be prepared quickly. We will email or phone if there is a problem - especially if you have a comment about a deadline.

We will inform you by e-mail if any items in your order prove to be unavailable when they were noted as in stock.