Titanium Rings

Titanium is strong, corrosion resistant and hypo-allergenic.

The colors are beautiful and show the subtle reflective nature that is specific to titanium. They are less brilliant than niobium and much harder to bend.

Most of our titanium is Grade 5 alloy TI-AL6-V4. There is only 1 exception in 16g and they are not anodized. This alloy has a hard temper - comparable to spring stainless in strength, it is smooth and the colors are consistent and bright for titanium.

Anodizing titanium creates an oxide layer. The thickness of this layer creates the colors.

The color will vary from batch to batch. Don't expect to be able to continue a project when ordering anodized titanium in different batches. The color will also vary and blend shades on individual wires and in batches of rings. For example teal can have blue with hints of green. You can always expect hints of the adjacent colors in titanium spectrum in the batches. This color variation in titanium should be considered a feature which makes this material more beautiful.

The anodized layer has appropriate properties for jewelry, but it is not indestructible. It can wear off with rubbing against a harder material - care must be taken with pliers as well.

The color can be affected by oils from your skin - the color is restored be washing with soap and to remove the oils.

The color called mixed can contain special colors that are between other colors in the spectrum or have more variation on each ring. The colors teal and green have more variation than the lower voltage colors.

Titanium can appear shiny, matte or sparkly all depending on the reflective properties of the size of ring and the lighting.