About The Ring Lord

TheRingLord.com was established in 1998, has been manufacturing and selling top quality rings, scales, chain mail, findings, beads, and leather craft supplies to our customers with inspired imaginations. At The Ring Lord we promote the creation and education in making chain mail armor, jewelry, Cosplay and SCA costumes, and much more.

Occasionally we get to stretch our creative muscles and work on special projects involving costumes for movies and TV 

Our latest out of this world project involved the creation of a protective skirt for the InSight NASA Mars Lander.  Insight is scheduled to spend the next two years measuring seismic activity and magnetic fields on the Red Planet. Some of InSight's sensitive instruments need protection. The Ring Lord's chain and scale mail was perfect for the job.



This photo shows the protective skirt hanging down from the InSight lander, put together with chain mail scales manufactured by Toronto company The Ring Lord. ( NASA InSight)
Danny Kerslake · CBC News · Posted: Nov 29, 2018 1:11 PM CT