Anodized Niobium Jump Rings
Niobium is strong, corrosion resistant and hypo-allergenic.
The colors are beautifully vibrant. The pics are good but the real life rings are AMAZING! The camera doesn't catch the shine and beauty of the color variation on these rings. Click images for a larger and better representation.
Our niobium has the same strength as our sterling silver. They are quite similar in terms of workability and quality and look good together.
Anodizing niobium creates an oxide layer. The thickness of this layer creates the colors.
The color will vary from batch to batch. The color will also vary and blend shades on individual wires and in batches of rings. For example peacock blue can have blue with hints of violet. You can always expect hints of the adjacent colors in niobium spectrum in the batches.
  This is an example of possible color variation on a ring. This variation occurs in varying amounts from ring to ring and batch to batch. This color variation in niobium should be considered a feature. It makes this material more beautiful.
The anodized layer has appropriate properties for jewelry, but it is not indestructible. It can wear off with rubbing against a harder material - care must be taken with pliers as well.
Black Niobium is not anodized - it is a special process that we do to the rings that makes the surface a deep durable black.