Bright Aluminum

Bright Aluminum Rings
Bright aluminum is light, inexpensive and clean for aluminum. Rub-off is always an issue with any uncoated aluminum. Our bright aluminum is diamond drawn to give the cleanest and brightest possible finish - but its still subject to small amounts of grey ruboff. This material can vary in shine as well.

For rings that look like polished silver we recommend you get our Bright Silver Anodized Aluminum. These are consistently shiny and are sealed so they have no rub off.

To see a detailed discussion of Bright Silver AA vs Bright Aluminum have a look at this article on our Forum.
We use hard tempered aluminum and a good alloy to give you good strength. You get 3 times as many rings per lb as steel rings.
The brightness of the rings varies. If you need every ring to have the same shine level you need to learn the art of tumbling.