Wire Gauges And Ring Sizes

The chart below can be printed life size for quick ring size reference. Follow instructions below to make sure it prints life size.

This chart shows data for each ring from both wire gauge systems (SWG and AWG), decimal inches, fractions and metric. It also shows the aspect ratio (AR) of the ring.

Aspect Ratio Chart (theringlord.com)

Here's the catch: any actual ring will be slightly larger due to springback. Harder materials like stainless steel will be more noticably larger than softer materials. Please always look at the actual ID, wire size and AR listed for each ring in the catalog - instructions for how to find this data are below. This is especially important if you are trying to make a weave that is very dependant on aspect ratio. Eg. A tight weave.

 How to print the correct size: Since this file is in PDF format you should be able to open it and just print it. When you print make sure not to select fit to page or anything that will change the dimensions. There is a dimension at the bottom of the chart showing the width of the large rectangle. Measure this to confirm the page printed correctly.

To see wire and ring size dimensions in table format (our old wire data page) - follow this link.

Note on Wire Gauge: Please note that there are 2 gauge systems; SWG or Standard wire Gauge and AWG or American Wire Gauge. Depending on where you bought rings or wire previously you may be used to AWG. This chart will help you figure out what we call the rings you want. * People familiar with gauges will notice we use AWG for smaller wire and SWG for larger wire. We know it is confusing; unfortunately it was a convention we adopted years before we knew there was a problem. Click for a complete list of wire sizes and gauge systems.

To prevent confusion, when selecting rings it is best to refer to decimal inches or mm. These are listed on our site in the ring descriptions - click to see instructions on how to find this info.

For more information on rings, ring cuts, the amount to buy etc please go to Store Info and Help and look under Project and Product Selection Help