Address Information

Make sure you get your order! Incorrectly entered addresses may unnecessarily delay a shipment and can incur extra shipping charges. Please enter address information in the appropriate boxes and double-check for typos and other errors. An incorrectly typed email address can prevent you from getting any email confirmations or status information.

General Address Tips Providing us with error-free shipping addresses will avoid unnecessary delays and get your packages delivered as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Double check your zip code (postal code)
  • Do not forget your apartment number !
  • Enter shipping or delivery instructions in any of the address fields.
  • For military addresses enter the APO as the city and the AE, AA or AP as the state. The country is US.
  • If your state isn't in the pull down select none.
  • If a field doesn't apply to you like company leave it blank.
  • UPS cannot ship to a PO Box or and APO address.
  • If you live in the boonies and your address is UPS friendly, but it looks like a box number, put a note "UPS Friendly Address" in the comments section. Missing this note will delay your order by a minimum of one day or the amount of time it takes you to respond to an email.
  • If you mistype your address and the package needs to be redirected via UPS you will be charged a $10 redirect fee. This also applies if you change the shipping address after the parcel has shipped. We charge this amount because UPS charges us this amount.
  • USPS enforces an address double check before allowing a shipping label to be printed for your order.
  • Your address as given to us will be checked against the USPS database of addresses and automatically corrected in cases where the differences are minor - for example the last 4 digits of a zipcode will always be added for the full zip+4 zipcode.
  • if the difference is not minor we will need to email you for a correct address
  • You can check your address in their system at