Anodized Aluminum Very Dark Rose - 12ga 0.68 ID 0.870" OD Saw Cut Sold by the bag of 20

Was: $3.20
Now: $1.60
Wire OD:
0.09375" (2.4mm = 12g SWG = 10g AWG)
Actual ID:
0.68” ID
20 pieces per bag
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This is a limited-edition size! Very Dark Rose. Enjoy while it lasts! What you’re getting: 12ga 0.68” ID – 0.867” OD compared to: SX-AA-1258-DKRS 0.667" ID 0.854” OD. All colors are made using our bright anodizing technique. The quality of the color is amazing – they are very shiny! The ends are not anodized. Sold by the bag of 20