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Ring Calculations

Ring Dims
Tips for Measuring Rings: Use a micrometer and measure outside diameter and wire thickness! If you do not have access to a micrometer use a caliper. Measuring ID is harder so OD is more accurate. DO NOT use a ruler of any kind.
Take the following measurements - all measurement should be loose but not to CALCULATE ASPECT RATIO AND RING DIAMETER
  • Enter the Inside OR Outside Diameter of the Ring and the Diameter (thickness) of the wire.
  • You can enter either mm or decimal inches BUT you MUST enter the same unit for each number.
  • Numbers only in the cells - do not put the unit.
  • Aspect ratio is only applicable for round wire rings - it does not work the same for square wire rings.
  • Click Calculate

* Wire Diameter:    Wire Diameter and Gauge Info

Inside Diameter:      OR    Outside Diameter:   

Aspect Ratio (AR) = What is Aspect Ratio?
Inside Diameter (ID) =
Outside Diameter (OD) =

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