Changing, Adding To or Cancelling an Order

Once you have gone past the payment screen on our website, your order is paid and has entered the preparation stage. If you would like to change, add to or cancel your order please read the following information and follow the given instructions.

  • Changing an order: Using the following link please e-mail any changes that you would like to make to your order.
  • It is important to email us quickly if you want to change an order. As noted below we cannot change your order once it has been picked - even if it has not shipped. You can click here to email the order changes 
  • Please be succinct . It really helps us do our job well, for example: 'Please change the GA1438 in my order to SS1438.'
  • Changes can only be made BEFORE your order is picked. If your order is already picked there is a restocking fee for putting the items away. You can tell if the order is picked by emailing customer service.
  • If your order contains anodized titanium or niobium, you will not be able to change these items once they are picked because we custom anodize them for your order.
  • All changes will be made at equal value to what you have paid unless specifically requested.
  • If you are making an addition to the order - the addition must be a minimum of $5 (if the order has already been paid). This includes if you change an order and it involves a price change. You can avoid this by changing using equal value.
  • Why do we charge a $5 minimum? Transaction fees for charging credit cards (PayPal included) are very high. We are charged a per transaction fee as well as a discount percentage. If we accept additions and orders of less than $5 we can lose money on that transaction.
  • If you have overpaid after an order change we will automatically send you a store credit in the form of a coupon. If this is not your preference you must tell us in this email.
  • Place a new order BUT don't pay! Use the Offline Payment Method noted as "this is an order addition"
  • After you have placed your new order your unshipped other orders will be automatically put on hold. We will get an automated email telling us to combine the orders.
  • If you used the correct payment method for an addition there will not be an overpayment - we will either charge the card used in your first order or request PayPal payment.
  • If you do not use the correct payment method for an addition, you will overpay and we will automatically send you a store credit in the form of a coupon. Also your older orders will not automatically go on hold and could ship before we see the new order.
  • You can you can change the order following the notes above.
  • You can receive a store credit for use at any time for anything on our site for the value you already paid.
  • Or you can receive a refund -5% for restocking.
  • We may not be able to cancel an order once it is already picked or being made. For example a custom batch of rings or some anodized titanium or niobium - these items are made for your specific order.

We process all order additions and changes before printing new orders on the next business day. You will get an email reply as soon as we do this.