Aluminum Painted Finish - Large Scales - Sold by the bag of 100

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Size: 7/8” x 1.41” with 0.35” hole (22.2mm x 35.8mm,8.9mm hole)

Ring size for standard overlapping scalemail pattern: 16g SWG 5/16" ID

Scales per square foot: approximately 300

You will need 2 rings per scale; more if you are stabilizing the edges.


This color is a wonderful sandy color with varied wavy lines of shine - giving the effect of sand on a beach.
The high gloss paint is on both sides and is a very excellent 7 layer automotive paint job. The shaping and punching process did no damage to the strip. These are an excellent quality shiny scales.
Aluminum is 0.032" thick and 1/2 hard temper
Enjoy while it lasts! This is a Limited Edition color that will be discontinued once the stock is gone.