Wholesale Program

Customer Rewards Program

Most customers will only qualify for our Customer Rewards Program. For details please look on the discounts page.

This program is simpler, automatic, requires no rules or maintenance. You can accumulate the points as long as you want and cash them in when you like.

Most importantly, using the Customer Rewards Program, you can still get the equivalent of wholesale pricing. You do this by still aiming for the top tier Mix and Match discounts (over $500 subtotal). If you hit this level with your orders, then when you get the 5% back, it will basically be the same as wholesale pricing.

Wholesale Program

The wholesale program is geared toward established customers who have proven ordering volumes. This program has a restricted membership.

To qualify:

  • You must have been a customer with us for more than 1 year with purchasing volumes greater than $US2000 / year.
  • There are always exceptions. For example new customers who place an order in excess of $1500 can request access to wholesale pricing for that order. You may not be granted permanent access to these prices after one order.
  • If you feel your circumstances fall within this new program, but you are not a member, please email to discuss the details.
  • Qualifying for this program relies solely on the volume of your purchases - we do not require you to be a business. We may however require your personal or business tax ID number for customs purposes
  • Use of wholesale pricing means you no longer qualify for Customer Rewards Points


  • Not all products have wholesale prices - but most do. You should check the prices before signing up to make sure the ones you are interested in have discounts.
  • Some wire, coils and tools are not eligible. The discounting for wire and tools is listed in the catalog for that item. If you wish to purchase very large amounts of non-ring items you would need to contact us via email for pricing.