Anodized Aluminum - Medium Scales - Custom Laser Etched - Sold by the bag of 100

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**If you want the etching on the concave (inside) of the scales please EMAIL customer service with your order number immediately. The email is 
) <-- convex side only (outside cupping) THIS IS THE DEFAULT IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFY WE WILL ETCH CONVEX SIDE
( <-- concave side only (inside curve)
For etched both sides please also purchase the product listed below called "Second Side Etch." The cost of the 2nd side is 60% of the price of the item - this will automatically add correctly to the cart.
Size: 0.7" x 1.1" with 0.275" hole (17.8mm x 27.9mm ,7mm hole)
Standard Pattern Notes: You MUST use the correct ring size for this pattern - any 18g 1/4" ring.
You will need ~6-700 scales per sq ft and 2 rings per scale.

Punched from 1/2 hard temper anodized strip (anodized the same both sides unless noted). The sides of the scales are not anodized. Thickness is 0.03" unless noted. You can mix a fatter with a thinner scale.
If you order these custom laser etched items with other items, your entire order will be held until it can ship together!