Blackened Stainless Steel 14g

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Wire OD:
0.08"(2mm = 14g SWG = 12g AWG)
~200 pieces/bag unless otherwise noted
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Black Stainless Rings
We take our stainless steel rings and chemically process them to turn the surface layer to magnetite.
The magnetite is a very dark grey color that is turned into a black by a dry oil. The rings will turn from black to dark gray after the oil wears off. Since the rings have an oil coating they are not 100% clean and this makes the anodized aluminum better for jewelry.
Please note: Washing these rings will remove the oil layer that makes these rings a darker black. This can turn your rings grey or even back to a stainless color. This is not a quality defect.
Also note: These rings can be polished to a nice hematite with a DRY tumble. DO NOT wet tumble as this is washing. DO NOT tumble agressively with steel shot as this is burnishing not tumbling.