BULK BAGS of Anodized Aluminum - Small Scales - Sold by the bag of 1500

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Ring size for standard overlapping scalemail pattern: 18g SWG 3/16" ID

Scales per square foot: approximately 1000

You will need 2 rings per scale; more if you are stablizing the edges.

Punched from 1/2 hard temper anodized strip (anodized the same both sides unless noted). The sides of the scales are not anodized. Thickness varies from 0.025" to 0.03" based on color. It doesn't affect the appearance and you can mix a fatter with a thinner scale. Due to this variance we cannot guarantee 1500 scales in the mixed bag - it will be close. All scales are bagged by weight.

Some of the small AA scales have a burr around the hole. The problem has been fixed and future batches will be burr free - see link for details. Each scale affected will have an ! next to it with the words mild burr or burr next to it. Please read this link for the details and pics of the burrs! Not all info is posted here.
All of these scales can be used in the standard overlapping scale pattern without the burr being seen or a problem.
If there is no note - there is no problem The note will be removed once a new batch is being sold. The scales are not all affected and in some cases the bulk version or bagged version are different batches.