Butterfly, Fairy, Angel and Demon Kits - Orange + Red Rings + Purple Scales

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Each of these kits makes 5 Butterflies and 5 Angels or Fairies (or a combination of each). To make a demon you must buy the demon kits. PLEASE NOTE: Despite the image shown, these kits make Angels AND Fairies AND Butterflies. The image is just an example of the color combination. The butterfly is ~1.6" (40mm) tall by ~2.3" (58mm) wide. The fairy is ~2.1" (55mm) tall by ~2.3" (58mm) wide. The angel is ~2" (52mm) tall by ~2.3" (58mm) wide. You will have lots of rings left over! Each kit has 20 large wings and 10 small - so enough for 10 ornaments (but only 5 butterflies). If you buy extra wings each kit has enough rings to make 71 Butterflies OR 15 Fairies OR 11 Angels! The small wings are only needed for the Butterflies - the Angels and Fairies use only large. All of the rings are saw cut anodized aluminum.