Byzee Beez to Butterflies Cross 1.5'' - Anodized Aluminum - Instructions - 2 styles! - Royal

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Level: Intermediate
Jodey Hathaway (Bike Part Jewelry) shows how to make 2 styles of crosses in this detailed 7 page instruction set.
The Persian Celtic Cross features a large center ring and uses Persian 6-1 (Full Persian) weave. This instruction set assumes you know persian 6-1 but provides a link to online free instructions should they be needed.
The ByzeeBee to Butterflies Cross uses Byzantine variants to create the cross. The instructions assume knowledge of Byzantine but teach the variants of ByzeeBee and Butterflies that are used.
Variations are also given for lots of cross sizes and materials as well as projects like 2 styles of bracelet!
Special thanks to these 2 ladies for being so generous and sharing their designs with the chainmail community.
Melissa Shockley, The Missing Link, for sharing her design for the Persian Cross.
Jodey Hathaway, Bike Part Jewelry, for sharing her design for the Byzee Bee to Butterfly Cross and of course for preparing the PDF instruction sets!