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EC wire Enamelled Copper Wire
Enamelled Copper is dead soft (aka weak) copper with a colored layer and plastic coat to seal it.
Silvered enamelled copper has a layer of silver plated onto the soft copper before the color and plastic. This creates brighter and lighter colors than regular enameled copper.
Enamelled Copper wire used to be consistent color and quality - it is not any more. This is due to changes made by the manufacturer of the wire - these issues have been felt by everyone buying this wire since 2010 - not just us.
The color can vary from batch to batch and gauge to guage. The plastic coating can vary in quality as well and may peal. The ends of the rings can be green due to copper corrosion. These facts are now considered normal for this product - meaning we do not consider them a defect for returns.
The following is an example of 2 batches of the silvered amethyst color that were sent to us from the wire manufacturer - both were sold as amethyst. ec colors
If you need a stronger material with vibrant and more consistent colors we recommend our saw cut anodized aluminum. We are expanding this product line to compensate for the changes to the enamelled copper.

For extreme details on all materials and comparisons please click to see our materials page!
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