Dreidel + Cube + Tree Instructions

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Level: Beginner
Jodey Hathaway (Bike Part Jewelry) shows how to make 3 projects in 1 instruction set! This 8 page instruction set shows how to make a Dreidel, a cube and a 3 dimensional tree!
The Dreidel instructions show how to make 3 different sizes of spinning top using rubber rings.
The Cube builds on the ideas shown for the Dreidel and shows how to make a box that either opens with a lid or can be made as a great toy!
The 3D Tree also builds on the concepts shown in the Dreidel and shows how to make a free standing 3" tall tree. The ornaments shown on the tree are not taught. (Please excuse the Holiday Tree being in the same instruction set as the Dreidel - no offense intended - they are just made using the same technique!)
These are all a beginner projects. No previous experience is necessary.