Flat Nose Pliers - TheRingLord Brand Armorer's plier - Custom made for TheRingLord.com (134mm)

5 inch 125mm
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Flat nose pliers are part way between a wide nose and a mini-linesmans plier. They are best for rings that require extra strength / leverage to close them. The Knipex 200 series are The Ring Lord's Choice for making chainmail with harder materials. Our modified version is the plier the Professional Armorers use. These work so well because leverage is the key to closing rings with less force! The teeth are recommended for harder materials but can easily be filed down if necessary.
Specially designed for and available exclusively from TheRingLord.com! This premium plier is custom made for TRL based on the modified Knipex plier we've been making for years. Rated for any rings you can throw at them. This is the plier the Professional Armorers use! - with ergonomic handles. The ultimate plier for working with larger stainless and titanium rings - but works well with all materials. No teeth, no spring, lap joint. Max Recommended Wire Thickness (*See Notes Above): Stainless and Titanium (SS/TI): 12ga Copper (CU): 12ga Bronze and Brass (BZ/BJR): 12ga Aluminum (anodized AA and bright AB): 12ga Minimum Recommended Size (*See Notes Above): 18g