Ring Cut Details & Cutter Selection Help

Saw cut and machine cut rings are used for high quality chainmail. However, both are more suitable for certain applications.

The ring shown on the left is machine cut.

The ring on the right is saw cut.

Please note: These pictures are several times larger than an actual ring. Flaws that will not be visible to the naked will show under when this zoomed in. The rings shown here are 14g 1/2"ID.

Pinch cut rings are ones which you have cut yourself with a pair of side cutters.




Machine Cut Ring Details

Machine cut rings can be used for all applications except fine jewelry. We make and stock thousands of pounds of machine cut rungs. Machine cut rings are produced by an industrial machine (technically called a shear cut).

  • In the image the ring on the left shows what rings look like once they have been manufactured. The rings you receive will look like this.
  • The ring on the right shows how it will look closed. The angle used to take the photo is not great but it shows the small divot on the outside of the ring at the cut. There is no divot on the inner part of the ring and it closes flush.
  • Rings are stocked in large quantities and are shipped immediately. We ship hundreds of pounds of rings every day. It is almost impossible for a person to hand cut enough rings for a hauberk in one day!
  • The cut is similar to shear cut. It is noticeably better than pinch cut and it does not catch in hair as easily. For items of clothing this is very important.
  • These cost less than saw cut rings, allowing you to experiment more with your designs.
  • These are also easier to close than pinch cut and saw cut rings.



Saw Cut Ring Details

For applications where the finished appearance of each ring is important, saw cut rings are the best choice. An example of this is fine jewelry. Saw cut rings are produced by an industrial machine that uses a rotary saw blade to cut a coil.

  • In the image the ring on the left shows what final rings look like. All our saw cut rings are deburred, polished and cleaned. This is how you will receive them.
  • Note please: There is a gap between the ends of the wire. This is called the kerf and it is the width of the saw blade. Because of this gap saw cuts are more difficult to close compared to machine cut rings.
  • The ring on the right shows how it will look closed. A saw cut ring can appear almost seamless when it is well done and finished with attention to detail. If the kerf is closed poorly and without attention to detail, it will make the saw cut ring look sloppy. It will also allow other rings to come loose from the completed piece.