Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum Rings
We use 2 types of anodizing to make our rings.

The saw cut rings marked with an * are made using a bright anodizing process. The result is a very consistent and dud free color batch that is shiny. The ends of these rings are not anodized as they are cut after anodizing. The anodizing processed used to make these rings is FDA approved for cookware.

The machine cut rings and some of the saw cut (no *) are bulk anodized after the rings are made. The colors for this process are not as shiny as you can see in the images. The ends are anodized. These rings will have touchmarks and some duds as this process is not as consistent. This is normal.

Anodized aluminum coating is fairly hard but can be scratched with steel. Use pliers without teeth.

We use a hard temper aluminum which is stronger than colored copper. Note that aluminum is 3.4 times lighter than copper - this makes it much cheaper per ring than enameled copper rings.

Colors may vary from what is pictured and from batch to batch. We minimize this as much as possible, but it still happens.

If you are making a project where the color must not change slightly, order the full amount of rings for the colored area in one batch.

The bright (shiny) process anodized aluminum rings can have 2%-5% variation in wire diameter. This is normal and usually only noticeable on 20g rings. It is not typically a problem. For extreme details on this have a read here

Mixed color batches are made starting with even amounts of a minimum number of colors. These batches will not have all colors available for that size - for example if a size has 20 colors, 7 may be the minimum number of colors we include in the mix. We start with an even mix of colors - we do not guarantee you receive an even mix.