Special Anodized Aluminum 18ga 1/4'' ID - Saw Cut

Wire OD:
0.048(1.2mm = 18g SWG = 16g AWG)
Actual ID::
0.263" (6.7 mm)
Aspect Ratio (AR):
AR: 5.5
~400 pieces/bag
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All colors were made using our bright anodizing technique. The quality of the color is amazing - they are very shiny! (We are no longer putting a star next to the name to denote this) The ends are not anodized. Please note: Custom colors that we only make about once every 12 months. Supply is limited on these and they can run out. The price for these is also 15 cents more per bag at the base retail level. The price is automatic when you add it to your cart.
Enjoy while it lasts! Limited Edition