Spider and Web Kit

Was: $65.76
Now: $57.46
Orange Color Spider Coming Soon for Halloween:

This chainmaille spider and web, designed by Jodey Hathaway, is the perfect addition to your spooky holiday décor The spider web is made using Helm and 1 in 1 weaves, and is labeled as a beginner friendly project.

The spider is made using 2 weaves: Byzantine and Japanese 12 in 2. Including the legs it is about 4” wide x about 4.5” long. The body and head together are roughly 1 5/8” wide (at the widest point) and 2.5” long. The legs use wire to support the spider making it posable. The kit is labeled intermediate only because it uses tiny rings. A beginner could absolutely make this kit with patience.  The spider looks great with our Spider Web kit, found here (insert link to web kit).

The cost of the kit includes a video tutorial.