Tempered High Carbon Steel - Large Scales - Sold by the bag of ~100

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Special Notes: Spring temper
0.025'' Thick
Color is from heat treating and polishing - it can be a matte gray charcoal color and can be a rust mottled rust color which varies.
Alloy 1075 steel Heated to 1560F, held for 20 min, water quenched, tempered at 700F
steel rusts. Scale will vary in appearance depending on the stage of this process. You may get light grey scales, or dark oily grey, or rusty, or partially rusty. All of this is normal and expected with this type of steel.

Size: 7/8” x 1.41” with 0.35” hole (22.2mm x 35.8mm,8.9mm hole)

Ring size for standard overlapping scalemail pattern: 16g SWG 5/16" ID

Scales per square foot: approximately 300

You will need 2 rings per scale; more if you are stabilizing the edges.

This item has been discontinued until further notice.