Various Metals - Shield Shaped Scales - Sold by the bag of 25

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Size: 1.28" x 1.85" with two 1/8" holes (32.5x47mm with 3.18mm holes)
Standard Pattern Notes: You can vary the amount of overlap for these scales as desired. A general rule is that the tip of the 1st row is near the top of the 3rd row.
Using this general guideline - you would need ~110 scales per sq ft.
If using rivets you need 2 rivets per scale.
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
Min. Purchase (per option): 1 bag
Please Note: These scales are assembled using rivets or sewing onto a backing of cloth or leather.
These scales are not generally assembled using rings - but you can use rings to attach them to leather if you like.
Materials and properaties as noted.