Anodized Aluminum – Red - 18ga 0.297” ID – 0.393” OD – Saw Cut

Was: $6.61
Now: $1.92
Wire OD:
0.048(1.2mm = 18g SWG = 16g AWG)
Actual ID:
0.297” ID
~400 pieces/bag
Aspect Ratio (AR):

Currently out of Stock

This is a limited-edition size/color! A beautiful Red. Enjoy while it lasts! What you’re getting: 18ga 0.297” ID – 0.393” OD compared to: SX-AA-18932 0.298" ID 0.394” OD. All colors are made using our bright anodizing technique. The quality of the color is amazing – they are very shiny! The ends are not anodized. 

Approx. Rings Per Sq Ft: 2136