Matte Anodized Aluminum 18ga 3/16'' ID - Saw Cut

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Wire OD:
0.048" (1.2mm = 18g SWG = 16g AWG)
Actual ID::
0.195" (5 mm)
Aspect Ratio (AR):
AR: 4.1
~400 pieces/bag
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* NEW * This is a new product line and the colors will be fleshed out gradually over 2018. These new matte colored rings are replacing the machine cut anodized aluminum product line - which is being phased out.
All colors were made using our saw cut anodizing process - just without the step that makes them shiny. They are made using the same dyes as the shiny saw cut anodized - BUT do not expect the colors to match. The extra step that makes them shiny changes the color. The colors are considered complimentary - not the same - see main image for details. The larger rings in the image are the bright anodized for comparison. The ends are not anodized.

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