Matte Anodized Aluminum 20ga 1/8'' ID - Saw Cut

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Wire OD:
0.032(0.81mm = 20g AWG)
Actual ID::
0.135" (3.4 mm)
Aspect Ratio (AR):
AR: 4.2
~750 pieces/bag
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* NEW * This is a new product line and the colors will be fleshed out gradually over 2018. These new matte colored rings are replacing the machine cut anodized aluminum product line - which is being phased out.
All colors were made using our saw cut anodizing process - just without the step that makes them shiny. They are made using the same dyes as the shiny saw cut anodized - BUT do not expect the colors to match. The extra step that makes them shiny changes the color. The colors are considered complimentary - not the same - see main image for details. The larger rings in the image are the bright anodized for comparison. The ends are not anodized.
NOTE: 12/30/19 - Some 20g rings may have wire diameter that is very slightly thicker than 0.032". This affects the final AR, so it's possible the rings won't work for your desired weave. We will give more information on those that are affected in a week or so. In the meantime, if you need more information, please contact customer service."

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